Belly Timber

I walked up to Belly Timber last night for a dinner by myself. They are a very strange restaurant, devoted to a sort of Victorian style of cooking. Like everything in Portland it is of course Victorian/Portland food. This is now the third time I've been. Previously I would order whatever sounded most exotic and exciting: Deep fried pigs tail, roast cauliflower with anchovies, french fries with bone marrow aioli. This food was all well made yet the flavors were rather unappetizing. I made an effort to order the most simple and restrained items this time. It was good.

The salad has a mustard, sour cream, and vinegar dressing. The pears are roasted with lots of salt, then sliced when cool. They were firm and tasted pickled. The ribs came with mashed potatoes (it's a color balance issue making them yellow) and root vegetable dice.