I racked the stout into a keg last night in preparation for bottling on Sunday. It had lost a little more weight, dropping from 1.018 to 1.016 during the last 2 weeks. It now tastes fairly dry and really good! Not too bitter, very round and malty. Like porridge. I've been drinking some other stouts as well. It's generally a style I've stayed away from before but am now finding that I kind of like. The Ninkasi oatmeal stout is good. Very fresh, not bitter. HUB makes a multigrain stout with espresso that's very good. Rouge is a very technically accomplished and reliable brewery but I'm always ambivalent about their beer. The Shakespeare stout is a little too bitter for me and I think it's verging on being an imperial. Last night I had their chocolate stout. Very well made, clean, and integrated, but after a few sips it just tasted like they had poured hershey's syrup into the stuff.