Small houses

This food cart has some striking graphic design. It was parked in a driveway. Notice the tiny A/C unit in the upper right corner. With a metal roof and propane powered espresso machine this is probably a necessity.

A chicken coop down the street from me. The chickens are let out during the day to wander up and down the street.

The bicycle house. Made out of bolted aluminum "L" shaped rods, duct tape, and plastic perf board.

This is a new house being built. The exterior wall is tongue and groove running horizontal, spaced out from the felt by a 2x2. I'm not sure what the spacing is for. (Any ideas on that pop?) The upper left portion is a porch. Looks like a nice place, if your 15 years old. I think that the old and seeminly boring house layouts always prove to be the most functional. A house like this looks so promising and cool, but I'm sure once you lived in it for a little bit you'd find it's layout frustrating. Then again, maybe it's just a guest house?