Farmers Markets

Brooklyn Farmers Market I forgot to mention that I went to the DUMBO farmers market in Brooklyn on the 14th. It was small yet they covered all the essentials. There was a baker who made a very crusty loaf from Chardonnay yeast. It seems a little surreal to walk past the enormous pylons of the Manhattan bridge and then encounter a little bit of wonderful vegetables.... although New York does that thing that Paris grocery stores do, of setting up a display of produce right on the sidewalk.

Maubert farmers market

The Maubert market on Saint-Germain, certainly not unique in Paris, just offers so much more then any stateside market I've been to. The variety of fish, cheese, pork, lamb, beef, mushrooms, vegetables, bread.... I don't think there's anything you couldn't get here. Among other items I purchased: heavy cream as thick as glue; boletes; black trumpet mushrooms; and purple, orange, yellow, and green tomatoes.

Maubert farmers market 2