Taillevent and then the Louvre

Shrimp mouse We went to Taillevent for lunch. There was lots of food. This is a crustacean mouse with a yuzu meringue puff.

Mushroom tarte 2

Chopped boletes, with sliced boletes, some filo crust on the bottom, and a mushroom sauce.

Scallops 2

These are raw scallop slices with apple and mango dice, a bitter fruit jam, and tarragon, parsley, and savory.


Skirt steak alongside potatoes topped with an intense eggplant/sausage/tomato/caper preparation.


These were impossibly tender veal medallions, with a very rich beef (or venison) reduction sauce, with sweet potato puree, leechee, and roasted apple.


This is a slice of cheese with a mixed fruit jam, arugula, and a thin wafer of toast. The black dusting is pepper.

Dessert snacks

A little group of desserts, we each got one of these plates. The cube is a marshmallow, then a strawberry maccaroon, chocolate truffle, mini mango tart, and a rich chocolate cake.

Vanilla crisp

The sandwich is, from top to bottom: shortbread, chopped mangos, vanilla sugar wafer, vanilla whipped cream, and another vanilla wafer, alongside some coconut sorbet.


After lunch I walked to the Louvre. I was looking for some dutch etchings, but ended up wandering past some decadent picnic scenes. The meal consists of: bread, a rabbit, 10 to 15 pounds of ham, a pie (most likely with meat), and several bottles of Burgundy.

Six row barley

Another exciting find. This is Egyptian 6 row barley for making lager, and it's 3500 years old!