Wood-and-wood Chris built the fermenter this weekend. It's got a 200 gallon capacity and is made with Oregon Oak.


I was hoping that by being saturated with water, and expanding, that it would be water tight.


Here we're filling with water to test.


There were major leaks. Chris got the idea of stuffing string in the cracks. I thought that after a few hours the leaks would seal, but I don't think that's going to happen. Tomorrow I need to make batten strips and caulk all the seams. This is not as water tight as a barrel.

The grapes are being harvested on Monday, so I have very little time. I thought it would be not till Friday, but Dan called me up on Saturday, so I've been scrambling since then. Plus he says he can't lend me the 1/4 ton bins he said he could, so I need to find some way of transporting all the grapes! Yikes.