Utopia Vineyard

utopia I'm looking for grapes. I want to do just one type of wine this year. Last year was just overkill, and I'm still suffering from that. Dozens of carboys, so many different decisions. If I can just have one wine to focus on; just as sometimes I wish I had only one cat, who could receive 5 times the love and attention! I checked out Utopia Vineyard yesterday. It's on the very southern tip of Ribbon Ridge. Looks good. 500 foot elevation, nice slope with southern exposure, no irrigation, no fertilizers. It's all Pinot Noir on about 12 acres. It's run by Daniel Warnshuis, who worked in California wineries for 25 years but wanted to get away from the craziness.

I'll try to look at a few others and then choose one. Harvest should be the end of this month.