garbonzo My experiments for the upcoming lunch on Sunday are going well. I figured out how to make veganiase. The thickening and stabilizing agent is xanthum gum, this prevents the vegtable oil and tofu from seperating. I even figured out the flavor of product mayonaise; mustard powder, distilled vinegar, and a little honey. I'll try just tofu, olive oil, and zanthum gum though, to see if it works for regular mayonaise.  The garbonzo cake came out well, and along with tomatoes and sourdough makes a good sandwich.

The PBJ tests are all successful. Roasted peanut, hazelnut, and pecan is really good. I don't have a grinder, so I have to make it by hand, with a pestle. The jelly is from blackberries from Mount Tabor. Lindsey mentioned that Pamonas pectin creates a gelatin texture which I was worried about, but this jelly is quite jammy.

Some people have expressed concern about sprays being used on the blackberry bushes, but I called up Parks and Rec, and they spray only after the fruiting season, in the fall. That sounds safer... if not totally kosher.