hot-dogs Yesterday was the Multnomah County Bike Fair. I organized the food vendors and had everything settled several weeks ago. Then two of them canceled and I also found out I needed to get another one for the beer garden, as per OLCC demands. So at the last minute I got Pirate Dog to set up a small cart. They have two carts downtown and are a father and son team. Beer and hot dogs is a winning combination, and they had a solid line from 3:30 to 7. Zach ran up to me several times, red faced and giddy, telling me how eager he was to come next year. They had a good view of the Sprockettes, the tall bike jousting, and general clown antics.

Also there was the excellent and tasty soups from SoupCycle, the always popular pedal powered smoothies, Staccato Gelato, Voodoo donuts, and Burrito Bandito.