Razor Clams at the Coast

clams-at-the-beach Last night Kate suddenly suggested driving to the coast to hunt for razor clams. Apparently the tides are at a yearly low and offer exceptional oppotunities. I felt bad not working on the cart, the plumbing needs to be done, the hood will be ready to install on Monday, there are many reasons to work quickly. But this seemed like a good diversion, so I decided to go and Chris came as well. We hardly found any! 6 little teeny ones, not at all the giant monsters I'm used to. Most other people had very bad luck but we saw one guy who was like a machine, pounding the sand in hard, rapid taps, digging confidently and fast with his clam trowel, and somehow always catching big ones! We didn't know how he did it.

So on the way back we stopped at a seafood hut and bought some of the large clams. How could we resist? We wanted the satisfaction of those big, nasty, and primordial mollusks.