Construction is Progressing

I've so far built the 4 stud walls. The plan is to have everything in place to erect the structure on June 16th. Hopefully by the 20th I would then have the roof finished and the siding on. But first I need to have everything in place. This would entail having the septic tanks installed on the undercarriage, roof timbers cut, siding picked out, cedar shake and felt purchased, nail gun borrowed. Today me and Chris went to Aurora Mills, a place recommended by my contractor neighbor. It was amazing. We were looking for board and batten and boy did they have a lot to choose from. Me and Chris had a good time coming up with an aesthetic scheme. Here's our first pick: first-ideas

The red board with thin strips of batten. Unfortunately there was not enough of the thin batten. So our second match was this:


This is what we ended up getting. There was just enough of the turquoise batten, and plenty of these boards. It's not visible in the photo, but the wood grain was worn away and created a beautiful furrowed texture. The shop had the source of the wood on file. The turquoise wood was from Koch farm in Tualatin, a long running farm growing a variety of fruit and also milk. They were bought out a year ago, the farm was razed and transformed into an industrial park. The board was from a barn in Scappoose destroyed by a snow storm. I think there are no happy stories in the salvaged lumber yards...

While we were poking around the gigantic lumber yard we found some wooden gutters in 21 foot long runs. I picked out two to use on the cart. These have a happy story, I suppose. They were manufactured 10 years ago and never used. Now they will begin to live their life and realize their true calling!