Lemonade and Candy Cane Stand

lemonade-stand On my way to an egg meeting at Zenger farm I biked past these kids, selling lemonade and candy canes. I was hot and thirsty and I like to support young entrepreneurs, so I stopped. For 25 cents I received, from the two kids on the left, a little dixie cup filled with about one ounce of overly sweet lemonade, just the right amount really. They said they had sold 50 cups, but even if they were bragging clearly they were quite happy with their success. The kid on the right who looks very dejected was selling candy canes at 10 cents each. He had sold only two. I felt bad for him and bought a couple although I was in no mood to eat them. Most likely his parents had made the bad decision that candy canes would be eagerly bought.  I didn't quite realize how unhappy he was until looking at this photo... very sad.