Scientific Observations in Preparation for a Wedding

joel-matt-alex At Joel's today I got a pound of Honduras for making french press. The place was abuzz with activity. Joel was roasting coffee and Matt was making objective observations upon the brewing process of some Japanese siphon machines Joel is smitten with lately. Matt -on the right- placed a thermometer probe in the water and was calling out temperature readings which Alex -on the left- was writing down, along with times. As the water shot up into the brewing chamber more temperatures were called out and the coffee was carefully added and stirred just so, allowed to steep for 40 seconds, then drained for 50 seconds. I stuck around to have a cup. It was very mild, almost like medium strength black tea, with low acidity, and a clean and soft taste. The aroma was very mild and it will be interesting to brew the same beans myself in a french press.

Joel is providing coffee for a wedding this Saturday and these are the lengths he goes to prepare.