Cosmic Charlie's

cosmic-charlies Last week while driving home from dropping Kate off at the airport I ran over a piece of metal and got a flat tire. It was 5:30 in the morning, I was stuck without a jack, and I hadn't had any coffee! Such a terrible way to start the day. Feeling quite dejected I decided to have a little drink at this nearby coffee hut, Cosmic Charlie's, at 82nd and Foster. His logo has a cartoon drawing of a middle aged hippie, and what a surprise to see the man himself inside! I grumbled about how terrible my morning was while he made me an espresso. I thought to ask him if he happened to have a jack he could lend me. He rifled through his car and found one! Needless to say, my loyalties for the Foster road coffee shacks have switched from Dutch Brothers -nothing wrong with them- to Charlie's. His espresso is very good and he has Voodoo donuts!

I wanted to show a picture of the exterior of his cart as it's very similar to how I plan on making mine. It has a gabled roof with gutters, wood siding, regular windows, and a similar size, 8 by 15 feet. -Though I'm pretty sure his is only 7 feet wide.- He even has a little deck covering the towing hitch, which I plan to make as well.