potato-shoot Kate is away visiting family on the East Coast and in her absence I'm tending the garden. She really took charge of it about 2 weeks ago during the first gorgeous days of Spring, now I'm watching her first labors begin to grow. In the compost pile she scrounged up amazing things such as rotten beets and potatoes sending out healthy shoots. With some arugula ends I was tossing away after making a salad she performed a little experiment by planting them in a pot, and lo!, they are growing. I'm amazed. I've been watering the garden every night, then this morning I saw the first uprising of the little Boston Lettuce!

Inside the house I've been building up my sourdough. It's on the third day and the fermentation has definitely begun. The 'barm' consists of whole wheat flour, raisin water, honey, diastatic malt (a yeast nutrient derived from sprouted barley). Today it's bubbling and smells like sweet yogurt. The alfalfa sprouts are growing fast. I'm going to leave them out in the sun where they might grow little leaves. The sauerkraut has been less successful. After scooping green mold off the top for a few days I've realized I have no desire to eat it. I think this brine method is flawed, next batch I'll try the dry salt method.