Spring Babies

Kate heard the buzzing first. We were tilling soil and shoveling mulch in the front yard. Our neighbor Dan walked into the street and stared at the roof of our house, it was a giant swarm of bees. There were thousands of them all buzzing in one dense cluster above the house. They settled down in the backyard on a branch and I called Jim Barlean, a beekeeper who I hung out with a few times last year. He showed up with a bucket on a pole and a little hive box. He climbed onto the roof of the shed, without a suit or any protective gear, and shoved the bucket under the swarm. Suddenly they were buzzing around him and attacking him, biting him dozens of times. We were pretty scared. But he climbed down the ladder and outfitted himself with the hooded jacket you see him wearing in the photo. Bertha has a baby! Ze sits in the squirell house staring out at the world from the attic door, occasionally running around the tree. The first time I saw the baby it was mother and child sitting up in the tree, side by side. I'm excited that the squirrel house turned out to be a good place for raising kids.

Also, a new kitten has shown up in the neighborhood. He's a very cute unneutered tabby, a little skittish but nonetheless very hungry and eager for attention. As much as I would love to keep him, I think I'll have to put him up for adoption. Tomorrow he goes to the vet to get checked out.