Morel Hunting

morels My next door neighbors went to Kelly Point Park on Easter to hunt morels. That sounded like a good tip, so I drove over there this morning and found about 2 pounds after an hour and a half of foraging. Off the main path are little trails into the woods, they look almost like deer tracks, but the continuous series of empty beer cans, dirty underwear, towels, and other trash would seem to imply they are not. The trails must also have been used pretty heavily by other morel hunters, as I saw many more snapped stems then full grown mushrooms. It was wet and raining and I was soaked by the end. I'll head back there Sunday, todays rain followed by some warm weather might encourage more growth.

I'd never been to the park before but it looks like a great place to go in the summer. Near the point are open fields with dozens of picnic tables.