Mobile Food Unit Plan Review Packet

picnic-paperwork I filled out and sent off the paperwork for the Multnomah County Environmental Health department. It was fun making the floor plans, planning out where everything goes down to the inch, but I need that independently of the application. Writing up a description of how I'm going to cook everything was less fun. Some sample sentences: 'Ham will be prepared from raw ham. It will be brined for up to 4 days, then hot smoked, then baked, then cooled over ice.', or 'Jelly will be made from fruit juice, sugar, and pectin. It will be boiled, then allowed to cool in sheet pan racks...' I threw a few preparations in there that I might want to make but as yet have never done. 'Soy milk will be made on site. Soy beans are soaked in water in the refrigerator for up to 3 days, then blended (with a robot-coupe) with water. The water is strained, boiled, then rapidly cooled.' This is for the soy milk lattes and also for tofu. I bought soy beans today to try that out. Maybe I'm being a little ambitious trying to do so much in the cart? What will the health department say about my plan to sprout alfalfa seeds? To make cream cheese? To stuff sausage? I'm supposed to get a response in two weeks.