For most of the winter I've not spent much time thinking and imagining new things to cook. Instead I've cooked old and familiar meals. I could sum these up by saying: roast beets and potatoes, roast chicken, lettuce with a simple dressing, and bread. It's been a while since I've just spent the whole day cooking and experimenting, fantasizing about new things. Maybe the spring is making me ansy. I got an email from Jen last night. I had asked her what some of her favorite sandwiches are and she said: Pita with walnuts, dates, feta, chives, tarragon, and basil. On the side is a radish for balance.

Thinly shaved lamb with a yogurt sauce and red cabbage slaw.

Goat cheese, apples, and jam on a baguette.

That got me rather excited, so some things I want cook over the weekend are:

Hanger steak, fontina, and pickled white cabbage on a hoagie roll.

Bean cakes. As in vegetarian hamburger patties. If I sprout the beans, then press them with a molasses goo, maybe this could be good? I'll buy a package and get some clues on their formula from the ingredients list. As a sandwich these might be good with ricotta and bean sprout shoots.

Candy bars with pound cake, caramel, peanut, and coated in chocolate.

A trout sandwich on a soft bun with tarragon mayonnaise and braised fennel.

Grilled pear, a goat cheese like Juniper Grove Tumalo Tomme, and a watercress/pecan pesto.

A chicken patè sandwich with mustard greens and coriander mayonnaise.

It makes me really excited thinking about cooking all these things. I'll post some photos of how they turn out. BTW, I've changed the comments setup, so now you don't need to register or get approved or any of that.

What are your favorite sandwiches? I'd like to hear about them, and where you ate them.