I've been cooking Indian recipes from Madhur Jaffre lately. Normally I don't cook with recipes and so my intuituve limits for combining this with that follow old and satisfying memories. The various complicated and foreign combinations of ingredients in Indian food is refreshing. I made a chutney to go with semolina pancakes, fresh cheese and spinach.  I sauteed yellow lentils in oil until they turned brown. They picked up a popcorn or cashew taste. I pureed them with parsley, serrano pepper, coconut juice and coconut flesh. 

They only had one type of coconut at the grocery store. It wasn't the normal kind that looks like a monkeys head. It was white and cut to a point on either end. I assumed the outer white flesh was what I should use and I tried to grate it. That didn't work, there was too much fiber. In frustration I wacked it with a cleaver, it split open and the juice began flowing out. This made sense. Kate knew all about it. These are young coconuts, the shell is thinner and the producer leaves on the outer husk, which is normally discarded. The white flesh was very tender, almost like jello, and the juice was intensely sweet.