I've been thinking about several different things and I ended up cooking them all in very simple, spur of the moment way. For one variation on Jens pancakes I used buckwheat flour and ground coriander to make the dosa-like flatbread. Coriander has a chicken/lemon aroma to it, buckwheat has a sour/rye taste, I think it went pretty well. Chickpea flour sautees to a crisp cracker texture, buckwheat has a more bready and thick texture. As for baking it in the oven with an herb or cheese, I haven't been able to think of a good combination.

'...at high temperatures, fructose and glucose in the honey react with amino acids in the duck, producing a variety of new molecules that add flavor and color.' Here is another passage I read in the 6th of January New York Times article. I mixed up a marinade of white wine vinegar, clover honey, pepper, and lots of salt and let it soak into some hanger steak. Later I sauteed the meat on the highest heat in a cast iron skillet. It put on a nice char, but it didn't seem as if the steak had aquired any particularly rarefied species of sear.

The shrimp were marinated in lemon zest and garlic; the green beans roasted with ginger and onion.