Mustard greens with mustard and brown sugar

Last night I sauteed some mustard greens with mustard seeds, brown crystal sugar, peanuts, and vegetable oil. They were really good, the sugar made a kind of bitter/sweet thing that worked out well. Today I'm reading a clipping from the New York Times that my parents sent me, from January 6th. It's about various chemical properties of food, one of which is an old wives tale of adding sugar to vegetables to "...preserve the bright green of the greens." But the author thought it was hooey and called Harold McGee and asked his opinion. "A fraction of a teaspoon is a homeopathic dose.... if I had been in your apartment I would have said, 'let's do an experiment'."

I'm not sure if the sugar I added preserved the green color, (it almost seemed to become a deeper, richer green) but maybe I should do some experiments myself?