Garbanzo pizza

  I think Jen is having a little fun setting me to tasks. In the recipe she sent me she forgot to mention how much water is needed. Based on how the batter cooked I think I needed a lot more then I used. Also, they are very difficult to make. These are not crepes or pancakes, chickpeas have very little cohesiveness, unlike wheat flour which hardens to something similar to wood when baked. It was necessary to turn the heat up as high as possible and keep a close watch. 

They were delicious. The crispiness tasted like chicken skin, Chris thought. There is a sense of turmeric in chickpeas, a kind of gaseous Indian aroma. Kate used to eat something called dosas when she was in India. They are very large chickpea crepes, similar to these. Inside is a spiced potato mash. It would come with any number of chutneys, relishes, and sauces. The next step is to figure out a few variations.