Egg sandwich on the pullman bread

Well, the loaf came out a little weird. It's a strange system of locking the bread up in a steel box. I tried to hide some of the problems in the photo. The steam being created in the loaf was not allowed to escape and pooled up in the top half of the bread, creating a large space of emptyness. Every slice has a big hole in it. Also, when I removed the bread from the pan it sucked inwards, like a deflating souffle. You can see the bowing in this photo and the other one. And thirdly, the bread was actually underdone and chewy. It makes allright toast, but it's not possible to eat it normally. Lot's more experimentation will have to be done.

The egg sandwich was good for breakfast though. It has cheddar cheese, kalamata olives, caramelized onions, and a sunny side up egg from Norris. (The Zenger farm hens are taking it easy over the winter.)