Opening week


Picnic has opened! It's been a great week. Me and Jen have made friends with Pierre and Annebelle at Pulehu Pizza and Jeff at Cameron Books. Also, our old buddy from Green Castle, Elloy, is running his Taco Yucateco cart in the lot. Customers from last year, and even 2 years ago!! have returned for more lunchtime goodness. Meagan Kennedy wrote an amazing piece about the cart complete with some great photos.

Right now it's Sunday and I'm reading some magazines and cookbooks. Jonathan Waxman has some good ideas for tasty sandwiches: avocado and crab; wilted greens, garlic, and chevre; eggplant, peppers, and pesto. Also my friend Sarah has strongly advised me to look into her favorite sandwich: avocado, salsa, and gruyere.

Farmers market