Report on some dinners

I cooked a New Years Eve dinner, my first back in Portland. During the holidays one eats all the appropriate food: butter, roasted meat, cream, eggs. I intended to cook a light meal for the night but it didn't happen. I cut sweet potato into cubes, saving all the trimmings to puree. I poached the cubes in 3 pounds of butter for about an hour, and then roasted them until they became crisp. As the potatoes roasted I used a little of the butter to saute some steaks. Also, a leek and lemongrass bechamel; shrimp; and escarole with grapefruit juice dressing. The next night, the 1st, was the already mentioned mashed potatoes with butter, which were very sweet; carrots and asparagus roasted with a red wine and butter reduction; escarole with cream vinaigrette and avocado. For dessert, roasted walnuts and pumpkin seeds with hot raisin cream pudding.