Stump Stand Complete!

The cold winter months have been a period of hibernation in my damp cave, toiling away like the Niebelungen. My first big welding project, the stump stand, is complete. Some of you long time readers of this blog might remember when I first launched into the project. And come to think of it, the genesis of the whole thing was again a reaction to the long dark and damp winters. I sat outside, often in the rain, digging away. Now, 4 years later, it's finally done. Todd was a great supporter during the final cleaning and buffing. For the two months he was parked outside the warehouse, selling coffee, he was also grinding away bark, dirt, and rock from the intricate mass of roots. Jen of course helped out as well, providing a sort of autistic/OCD level of commitment. And the point of hanging a stump from it's own stump stand? Why, to provide a totem object for the winery! Maybe it's a stumptown thing and I need my own damn stump dammit!@*! Maybe it's a snobby reference to terroir? Maybe it's the new logo for the wine? I don't know, but it's cool to look at.

Me with stump standTodd-with-stumpJen-works-on-stump