Steve the squirrel

This last Wednesday the cats brought in a baby squirrel and were torturing him in the dining room. I came home to find him shivering, curled up in a ball, but otherwise unhurt. My first thought was to try to reunite him with his mother, so I got out the ladder and climbed up to the squirrel house. Well, as I'm standing at the bottom, watching what he does, he starts climbing and sliding down the ladder, all 15 feet, and crawls back into my hands. That night I made him an oatmeal raisin porridge and filled up a hot water bottle to keep him warm.
He is still a child and wants to nurse. His teeth have come in but he doesn't seem interested yet in nuts or even fruit. I put him out again in the squirrel house this weekend, but he wasn't eating any of the food I left him or exploring around the tree. He was staying holed up inside. I decided I'll need to raise him for a few weeks. It's going to be difficult for him, without any siblings to share in squirrelly antics.
His name is Steve because he showed up the same day Steve Jobs died. That Wednesday felt like some cosmically bad day. Also on that day: GW got kicked out of the lot by the property owners. He is pretty depressed and not sure what to do.