At Lenox Coffee

Well, I've been traveling a bit and am now in Lenox, Massachusetts, where I grew up. I used to spend hours hanging out at Lenox Coffee, the first good coffee shop in town. They roast their own beans in Great Barrington. Nathan, who is here making me an espresso on the Synesso, is the brother of my best friend growing up, Justin. (The espresso was frothy and rich) I walked merely one block to see Justin himself, who now has a handlebar mustache that is well waxed. He was wearing a felted Sherlock Holmes hat, an old cream colored jacket, and a tie fastened with a large paper clip. He looked pretty sharp filing away books. Years ago, after he returned from a trip across the country to California he had this wild idea to build an espresso cart on a bicycle. I thought he was crazy at the time but now when I remember it, I think how amazing and cool that would have been. (The espresso machine could be powered by a steam engine!) Next door is his mothers shop, Drygoods. Unfortunately she wasn't in, but I'll see her tomorow. Then, back at the coffee shop, I bumped into Calla, their sister. It's a small town.