What me and Jen talk about

Jen and I have a lot of time to banter while doing prep or after the Rueben rush. What did we talk about this week?

  • I ran out of masking tape and was wondering if I could wrap my sandwiches using only folds. Jen said I should look into furoshiki, a Japanese cloth tying method. I found some helpful government resources from the Minister of the Enviornment. After 15 minutes of experimentation I made the first two sandwiches of the day for Alex, wrapping them using some furoshiki. Jen burst into laughter when she saw my attempts.
  • This reminded me of something I had read on Gizmodo years ago of an actual boat made of origami. Jen suggested making the cart into a boat. I suggested a hot air ballon and we could take off and land at will, anywhere in Portland, weather permitting.
  • Jen's spirit animal is a rabbit. Mine is either a cat or a monkey. Lot's of my friends also have a rabbit as their spirit animal. I should ask Jen if she knows any other monkeys.
  • We have named the the dust buster Zak.