Dinner party, 9th August 2000

Me and Martha were reading our old journals to each other. I happened upon this amusing incident from 9th August 2000. "Last night I had a dinner party. Me and Justin started cooking the night before though. Mixing dough for bread. The next morning we picked some wild blueberries behind the house for a cake. We made three cakes. Ritchi came over late to do his fish. The people who came were:

  • Ryan and his girlfriend Christine
  • Shane and Victoria
  • Ritchi and his brother Mike
  • Ava Roy
  • Me and Justin

Three or four more people were invited but they didn't show up. The table had two glasses of ferns on it and it was arranged quite nice. We started off with a Vichyssoise that I made, followed by a salad. It had prosciutto, blue cheese, and olives in it and was only mediocre. Next was a baked and grilled bass with a very delicious white sauce with asparagus on the side. This was truly delicious thanks to Ritchi. Next was leg of lamb in a wine marinade with grilled vegetables. Justin was running the grill outside. Oh yes, people who didn't want the fish had a grilled portobello mushroom. And for people who didn't want the meat there was pasta with Ritchis white sauce. Also on the side was a Risotto done by Ritchi that was pretty good, although it ended up sitting around for an hour and by the time it was served was a bit old, but still good. Now between the fish and the meat was a palate cleanser. A pear sorbet, the only item not made in our kitchen, although it was made by Justin at Bev's, the ice cream store he now works at. That was a pear sorbet and two slices of pear on top. There was a cheese plate but at this point most people were so full they went out on the porch to have a cigarette or two. Se we brought out tea and coffee and the three cakes. The first was the blackberry cake, then a failed sponge cake by Justin. It never rose so it was very flat. The third cake was a chocolate extravaganza, basically fudge. All that was in it was chocolate, eggs, and cream. It was quite good.

After this people slowly departed. Ritchi and his brother left first I believe. Then Ryan and Christine. Shane and Victoria went upstairs for a nap. Then at about eleven or so it started to rain and Ava and Justin were hopping around and Ava ran into the woods and Justin the little satyr ran after her. They came back half naked, sopping wet, having gone swimming. They ran up to the bathroom to change. I followed their example and decided to go for a swim myself."