Random tidbits

Ever since Food Carts Portland wrote about my beet sandwich things have been very hectic. I feel as if the cart has become a beet and sandwich cart. Me and Jen have been making silly jokes. We come up with company slogans and names. For a company that makes food such as cheese puffs, donuts, and such: Extruded Consumables offers no dilutions to their solutions.  Or perhaps it's: no solution dilutions from consumption extrusions. For an industrial safety company: no protrusion contusions from erection protections. Jen has an idea for a food cart called 'Wok and Roll', and I thought they could have a dish called cock in bowl. For the vegetarian option, mock cock in bowl. An analytics company offering a competitor to the pie chart: Smart Tart Charts. A cleaning supply company offers 'tougher rubber scrubbers for rougher stuffers'. Bunches of nonsense.

My neighbor, wicked wing, has her son circle around the block wearing this chicken outfit for advertising.

At SE Belmont and 11th is a fenced off lot with a goat kraal. Years ago I had an idea for a goat or sheep lawn care service, but it looks like someone else has already done it. Elena, isn't this cool? Sorry I didn't get any photos of the goats...