Reuben, hazelnut cookies

We are now making a reuben! It's pretty tasty.

The thousand island dressing is made from scratch. Here I'm sieving stewed roma tomatoes. The other components of the sauce are diced cucumber pickles and sunflower oil mayonaise.

We are also making hazelnut cookies. After roasting the nuts I rubbed them to remove the skin. It's tedious to separate the chaff from the nut, so I spread it all out on a perforated sheet pan, turned my hood fan up to maximum, and shook vigorously. Outside it was raining hazelnut skin.

This is my first leg from Tails & Trotters. I am the most amateur butcher.

Jen was freaked out by the leg, so I eventually threw it out rather then compost it.

Some woman from San Francisco wants to start a cart and so she came inside and took a bunch of photos. Her girlfriend runs a restaurant called farm:table. Anyone been there?