June 9th was my birthday and I've decided to close the cart for the rest of the week. I apologize to anyone who stopped by and just found closed shutters with no explanation. Martha drove me up to Eagle Creek where we went on a beautiful hike.

Afterwards we went to the City Grill on the 30th story of big pink for a drink. What a crazy scene! 80's decor, tourists and burly businessmen, women with lots of makeup and piano transcriptions of classic rock.

At the base of the building was a flower arrangement in the shape of America, with Oregon separated out with a field of clover.

We had dinner at Little Bird. I was wondering what kind of place this was. What would Gabe Rucker be doing after Le Pigeon? It's actually more conservative and the food is traditional French fare.

As an appetizer I had lamb belly with peas and mint. Really tasty.