Pizza on the Tablet

Kate was talking to a friend on the phone; I overheard the word pizza. On a whim I decided to make pizza. I didn't have much in the fridge that would make one think of pizza, but my success with the stone a day ago made me want to try and make some more stuff on it. I mixed up some dough and heated the oven up to 500˚. There were no tomatoes so it was an all white night. One pizza was fennel, onion, and garlic. Another was brussels sprouts and rosemary. A third was sweet potato and pepper. But it was the crust that really shone. The stone made it fluff and puff quite spectacularly. It was like Ken's or Apizza Scholls, chewy and crisp at the same time, with large blisters of air pockets. Me and Chris ate the pizza while watching 'Good night, and good luck', a movie about CBS and McCarthy.