Lot's of things going on.

  • A photographer doing an assignment for Galois asked if she could pose her client with the cart. Their next website refresh will have employees posing in front of food carts.
  • Another photographer from an Australian food magazine took some photos of the cart. I was too busy to ask for the name.
  • A scout for an ad agency doing a TV commercial for  Travel Oregon asked if I wanted my cart to potentially be in the next advertisement for Oregon. Jeez, of course!
  • Someone from the Art Institute stopped by and said hello. I was again too busy to get their name.
  • Someone from a new, small farm on Sauvie's island stopped by and asked if I wanted to buy beets from them. They are coming by again on Monday to drop off some sample veggies. Yet again I did not get a name. Craziness!
  • Next weeks menu change is looking good. Me and Jen are working on wheat and radish sprouts, corned beef, sourkrout, whole wheat and malted barley bread, thousand island dressing, hazelnut cookies, and iced teas.