Week 4: rainy.

Joel, from Courier Coffee up the street, stopped by. He's making an order with Bodum for equipment and was wondering if I wanted to get french press or cold brew stuff. We talked about cold brew, water heaters and the water temperature at various phases of coffee brewing, modifications I could make to accommodate a pour over system through the counter and into the display window, roasted bean wholesale prices over the last few years in Portland, and many other random things. It was the end of the day and customers were few. The weather has been typically Portland this last week, with intermixed heavy rain, light rain, drizzle, hail, and sunshine.

When I arrived on Wednesday morning the dough had risen so much it had completely spilled out from the pans. I carefully reformed the shapes and baked at 250˚ for 45 minutes to let the very vigorous yeast expell their gasses. My mother has grown in size and vigor. I need to reshape my expectations.