Riley and Penny

The kids came over today. Riley just turned 8 I think, and Penny is 5. He wanted to make butter, and I had some cream. I set up a stool next to the mixer so he could peer into the bowl. The process takes a bit of time, about 20 minutes in this case, so he would move between the stool and then over to Kate. He began running and leaping as the cream came closer to becoming butter. I was a little worried he was going to slip and crack his head against the counter in his exuberance. I'm like a grandmother with them. When they come over I run through the contents of the fridge to think what little treat I can make them. Penny always wants steamed milk with honey, (Riley prefers his without), but there was no milk. Instead I found some fudge in the back of the fridge, and some experimental jelly that I had made. It's in large sheets and holds a shape. I cut it into slices and handed them the jiggly things. I think they thought that was pretty cool. When the butter was finally done they had slices of bread with giant scoops of fresh, soft butter.

Riley is learning to skateboard and showed us his ollie.