Cream cheese and sprouts; beet and chevre

With Jen today we collaborated on new sandwiches for the June menu. I like the idea of a cream cheese and sprouts on whole wheat bread. We began to sprout a variety of seeds such as fennel, mustard, almond, garbonzo, and barley. I am looking into cream cheese or fromage blanc. Jen brewed 3 batches of tea: black tea with rose petals and orange bitters; green sencha tea with bergamot and lemon; sage, lavender and mint. Bread pudding, strawberry pie, bacon and onion frittatas, and hazelnut butter cookies were also discussed.

Cyrpress grove humbolt fog for the beet and chevre sandwich.

Sorry about all this business with changing the website around. I have been feeling fiddly but I realize that keeping things simple is much better then trying to tweak how everything looks.