Sourdough, Press

I've been making 5 loaves of sourdough a day. From right to left, the 5 loaves, dough rising for tomorrow, the mother.

Lots of good news today. Gerald Barnes from the Multnomah County health department came by and declared that I was 'in compliance.' I was really worried about that. But perhaps I'm overly cautious. I asked James from Mono Malo about using raw egg yolks in mayonnaise and he looked at me like I was stupid. I pushed Gerald on this question as well and he backed down a little. I will soon be using local eggs from happy backyard chickens! Also, the Willamette Week and Portland Monthly both have little blog posts about me. My favorite quote: my mother's chocolate chip cookies are 'freaking cute.' My mom asked me, 'does that embarrass you?'.