Opening, baking

Me and my mom have been baking in the cart the last few days. I've worked out my sourdough bread and ham, my mom has made a Lithuanian like salad and chocolate chip cookies. After calling about 5 places I finally found a store that sells the pasturized eggs in the shell that the health inspector wants me to use. But they are merely pasturized in a hot water bath, which I could always do with my immersion heater. They work fine and I made 2 pounds of mayonaise with them. But the cart right next to me, Malo Malo, uses raw eggs. So I'll have to talk to the Gerald when he comes about all this. I would really love to use Zenger farm eggs, whose yolks are brilliant orange.

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 3rd, will be our first day.

I've gotten the proportions on the loaf down. 3 pounds of dough and 2 oz of butter basted all over.