Day and night at cart

It has been hectic every day I've been downtown. I have adjusted the gray water outlet position, installed a redirectional switch on the water input, fixed a broken PVC water line, set the cart on cinder blocks and cedar chocks, paved the front with bricks, gravel and dirt fill. Also, I have coordinated the payment of the electrician for the subpanel and outlet install with the other two carts moving in next to me.

Kevin, the owner of Noodle House, kept stopping by the cart asking for a receipt, to see the plug positions, etc. He doesn't speak English, and I don't speak Chinese, so we used the Google translate app. I typed in phrases such as, 'my stove is 2 feet wide, the fire code requires 6 inches on either side of the range, so my hood has 1 foot extra.' It turned this into pictograms. And then, the part I was really interested in, the Chinese keyboard. I showed Kevin that he could write out the word and it would do OCR on it and digitize the pictogram. It worked well, but the translations were hard to make sense of. For instance, his response to my question, as rendered by Google, was 'my stove with you also a sort of yin-wei.' I asked, 'what is yin-wei?' He motioned that it meant width.

This afternoon me and my mom drove down with a load of kitchen gear. I tended to my sourdough, made carrot pickles, and washed dishes in the cramped sink, going through 50 gallons of water very quickly. My mom made chocolate chip cookies and cleaned all the surfaces with warm water.