Lots of people!

Today was quite a busy day. As I was working inside the dark and electrically impotent cart I could hear the bustle of people walking along the sidewalk. It's the first time I've felt excited being in a city. As I was waiting for my lunch at #1 Bento Korean BBQ, watching all the other people walking around, I felt like just one small person among hundreds and thousands. It was comforting, a sort of herd animal feeling of calm among the multitude. In the morning my Grandmother's minister and his wife stopped by and said hello. Then Kevin and his wife came by. They own the cart which will move in next to me, called 'Noodle House'. They were wondering when Vitally the electrician was going to arrive. I was unsure but anxious, as it's hard to do some things without electricity. A random man stopped by for the second time in two days and chatted with me. He thinks my cart would make an excellent house, and he suggested to me that if the food cart thing fails I can always move up into the hills and live off the land in my little hut. He says he's build a house just like mine but bigger. However, he lives at SW 13th and Washington. I've been running around, trying to rapidly get things put together as my mother is getting a little bit antsy.