I've met my sister and our two cousins, Katy and Matt, in San Francisco for an excursion to some restaurants. Katy was intent on going to the French Laundry but apparently two months in advance is not a sufficent amount of forethought. We went to Chez Panisse instead. I feel like a regular now, me and Martha even spotted our old waiter, Howie.

The initial two dishes were very good but rather unexciting. First was fennel and chipotle mayonaise with some poached sole and a little crayfish. Next, rissoto with fava beans and asparagus spiced with tiny cubes of chorizo. The main dish was really good, with butter lettuce tossed in a butter based juniper infused sauce. The warm greens went really well with bloody squab. Dessert was grapefruit sorbet with sections of tangerines and oranges.

Katy was excited about visiting Tartine, a bakery that makes coconut cakes that look like Scotty dogs. We ate croissants so saturated with butter they left a grease slick on everything they touched, pastrami and horseradish paninis pressed with big daubs of butter, coconut cream pies in pasty crust. I felt a little under the table afterwards.

Martha is staying in San Fran to finish up her thesis. Me, Katy, Elena, and Matt will fly to Portland on a Bombardier Q400 turboprop.