I did this big catering job on Saturday night for a wedding reception. 600 canapes, 8 pounds of cheese, a selection of vegetables and dip, and 5 gallons of potato chips. Marcus and Skye helped me cook. I didn't have a toaster so Marcus brought his over, a tiny little thing. Every morning this thing frustrates him with it's cheap program modes and rusty springs, but we fired it up and ran 3 or 4 sheet pans of toast through it just fine. Skye wrote up the labels and arranged the cheeses. It was pretty fun and hopefully I can do a few more before I get the cart started.

The coolest thing about the whole job was putting together a little kitchen, cranking out a bunch of food, and then tearing it all down in the space of 8 hours. As Marcus said, we could run a great camp kitchen this way.

It was a fun party. There was a bar that had only two liquors, Makers Mark and vodka. Matt Brown, one of the bartenders, who used to work at Gotham Tavern, made me a really good Old Fashioned with crushed orange slices and a cherry that tasted like a fig. Reggie Houston was playing jazzy tunes on his saxophone. The space itself was really neat too. It's an art gallery and stonemasons studio, so in addition to this giant granite slab I brought for the cheese there were random piles of stone in the corners of rooms and tables made of slate.