These are some bagels I made this morning. The toppings are poppy seed, sesame seed, salt and pepper. They're plump and round, just like a commercial bagel, except instead of using fresh yeast and a hot proof box I placed them in the fridge overnight and used a sourdough starter. The crust and crumb are like a french bread. Authentic bagels, Elly tells me, are hard, dense, and chewy. There's a food cart at the PSU farmers market, Tastebud, that makes excellent bagels in this style with a wood fired oven. They make breakfast sandwiches out of them, with cucumbers or lettuce. But, I don't see why a bagel can't be soft and open on the inside and crispy on the outside. All the better for accepting butter, peanut butter, cream cheese, capers, tomatoes with all their juices, etc... But these preparations and uses of a bagel would most definitely be called vulgar by a bagel historian.