I read about Coi on some Portland cook's blog a while ago and have been excited to go for some time. It's not any particular cuisine, although it's got a strong Japanese and East Asian bent. The above is beets smoked in hay, mixed with chevre and topped with sorrel sprouts. I've been reading about this hay smoking technique for a while now.

Martha's favorite dish was a mushroom porridge with parsnip chips and tofu foam.

Pea juice, pea sprouts, then a cracker with dungeness crab, topped with a slice of melted pork fat. All the dishes had very colloqial names and this one was called a "crab melt".

Wild spinach, beef, and mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes were totally amazing. I believe it was whipped cream with a little potato puree folded in.

The first dessert: lemon sorbet, pomegranate, mint, and meringue crackers. The last had a light flavor resembling bubblicous chewing gum.

This was totally amazing. Brioche breadcrumbs sauteed in butter, liquid chocolate held in a chocolate ring, "brioche ice cream", whatever that means, tarragon, pistachio creme anglais, and a fluffy pistachio powder.