I've spent the week working on wine. Lyle came and helped me out. We bottled the 2009 pinot. During bottling we were drinking a 2007 Beaux Freres and holding them side by side it was clear how brilliantly red and clear my wine is. That's not to criticize the Beux Freres, which was really good. I've been hypersensitive about my wines attribues, so it's nice that it came out well.

In order to move the wine from the barrel to the mixing tank I used pressurized argon. This is the step the photo is showing. I'm pressurizing the barrel to 4 psi, which elevated the wine about 5 feet.

Today the 2010 was pressed and has been racked to the barrel. It smells very ripe and fruity, but is also extremely tannic as it was soaking on the skins for about 3 weeks. Or perhaps the tannins are from the weather?