Dirk seals his Salmon up in vacuum packed bags, then freezes them. This has always appealed to me, so I got a vacuum sealer myself.  The tomato is packed up with a huge pat of butter. The sirloin steak has Chateuneuf and garlic. The flank steak; garlic, paprika, black pepper and ginger. I'm cooking them on the lowest possible heat, in a big pot of water. The temperature is about 170˚ and I'll simmer is like this for about 8 or 10 hours. The result will hopefully be tomato sauce and very tender beef.

I'm getting an actual sous vide temperature regulator in a few days. My new plan for the Ham, which I've been kicking around in my head for about 3 years, is to cook the ham very quickly, doing the brine, the smoke, etc.. all in one day. I'll smoke it for 3 hours, then seal it in a vacuum pouch with salt, oranges, and so on, while  cooking very slowly to get the 'soft and pillowy' ham that my father had in Lithuania or Germany, I forget where exactly. The vacuum also accelerates the brine, so there is no need to soak for 5 or 6 days like before to get even salt penetration.