Fishing off the coast of Lincoln City

I went out with the Sullivans (Riley's parents) to Neskowin for the weekend for a fishing trip. We were getting rockfish in about 120 feet of water. We also set crab pots.

When we returned to the dock with our fish and crab we brought them up to this guy who cut them up right on the spot, throwing the scraps into the harbor for the seals and seagulls to eat.

The crab cooking facilities were a little stomach churning, to tell the truth. The crab pot, which you can see on the bottom right, imparted a swampy taste to the meat. It required a little cocktail sauce as a corrective measure.

Dirk cuts the rockfish up into fish sticks.

Dave fried up the rockfish along with onion rings and french fries.

This is essentially how we all ate dinner.